Shopify Plus Updates In 2022: Is Shopify Plus Worth Your Money?


While Shopify can help small and medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus comes with advanced features to let large enterprise businesses stand out in the competition. Apart from having a similar dashboard, editor, and fundamental functionalities to Standard Shopify, Shopify Plus allow us to do more. You get more control over your store and make any amount of changes to provide the most personalized experiences to your customers.

When to upgrade to Shopify Plus?

upgrade-Shopify Plus

Most businesses are realizing the potential of Shopify Plus and quickly upgrading to obtain the maximum benefit. The numbers in the above image speak about how Shopify Plus is dominating the world with its exceptional features.  

Following are the signs that it is time for you to upgrade to Shopify Plus:

  1. Repetitive tasks which can be automated to save time and labor costs
  2. Heavy web traffic leads to site crashes or frequent server down.
  3. Slow loading of your site leads to high bounce rates and reduced conversions.

On a lighter note, when your business revenue reaches $1-2 billion USD, your store/ website requires additional support, extra features, and other advanced functionalities to handle massive traffic and meet the customer’s demands. You are then advised to upgrade to Shopify Plus.   

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus comes with advanced functionalities which allow us to do more. Even though it is a little expensive when compared to basic platforms, it pays off really well eventually. 

  1. Omnichannel Presence
Omnichannel Presence

According to the survey, 73% of shoppers use multiple channels before making a purchase. With Omnichannel presence, you can sell anywhere where your customers are without the need for physical presence. With Shopify Plus, you can thoroughly understand the customer’s journey and create a robust omnichannel strategy to deliver personalized experiences for your customers. The platform lets you showcase your products across different social media channels and over 80 online marketplaces. 

  1. Handling heavy traffic

If your website is not fully operational, all your marketing tactics, and conversion optimization efforts go in vain. With standard Shopify features, the merchants are unable to handle higher amounts of traffic. For each second of server downtime, your business loses lots of money. The merchants who expect huge traffic during seasonal events, and occasional events, are advised to upgrade to Shopify Plus to handle massive traffic without crashing down their websites. 

  1. Global expansion

Global eCommerce provides massive opportunities for retail businesses. If you are looking to enter into international markets, the Shopify Plus platform lets you accommodate features to sell seamlessly across international waters. Apart from the ability to handle high volumes of web traffic, the platform allows you to manage 10 additional clone stores apart from the original one. Thus you can operate up to 11 different storefronts with one Shioufy Plus account. Depending upon the consumer’s browsing location, the storefront is directed to the corresponding local storefront. You can easily set currencies, payment methods, and browsing languages correspondingly for each storefront based on the location. Also, each storefront has its own backend system that lets you operate and manage stores separately.        

  1. Currency 

Your business might be performing exceptionally well in your home country and if you feel that your products can help people beyond any geographical boundaries, it’s time to expand your business to international markets. Shopify Plus is your true companion even in international selling. The platform supports over 133 currencies which help you sell seamlessly across different countries without any hardships. Based on the customer’s IP addresses, Shopify Plus will set the local currency automatically instead of the requirement of manual setting.      

  1. Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows

Automating repetitive tasks can save you time where you can focus on what is important. Using Shopify Plus, start automating your workflows in minutes. You can create workflows, monitor the performance of automated workflows, and make changes to improve productivity.    

  1. Highest level of Customization Possible

The other basic platforms or the Standard Shopify platform isn’t that feasible for store customization. What all you can customize in these platforms is design and themes. There is not much room for customization with these platforms. But, with Shopify Plus, the developer’s team, gets full control over the store through editable CSS files and scripts. The Shopify Plus platform is easy to use and a highly customizable platform that can be taken care of by the in-house staff without the need for expensive technical IT staff. Customizable checkout process, publishing reviews from happy customers, providing an easy and safe checkout process, and offering contact opportunities on the checkout page itself will make the customers happy about your brand and compel them to make purchases. 

  1. Powerful Checkout Process

The customers who reach your checkout page are likely to engage with your brand and make purchases. Optimizing the purchase funnel with powerful Shopify Plus features can have a huge impact on customer experiences and conversion rates. Shopify Plus allows you to completely customize the checkout page by optimizing the layout, and design, offering incentives and utilizing maximum the benefits of Shopify Plus for your business growth.     

  1. Seamless API and App integrations 

As your business grows, you may need additional functionalities to operate the business. Shopify Plus allows you to integrate with over 1100 apps to successfully operate and manage your online store. With Shopify Plus, you get higher API limits and thus can integrate with multiple apps of your choice for better inventory management, accounting, marketing, customer service, etc. 

  1. Unlimited staff accounts

For enterprise-level businesses or when you want to sell internationally, you get to hire large teams to effectively operate the business. For smooth and uninterrupted collaboration with large teams, you need more staff accounts. Even Shopify Advanced can limit the number of staff accounts to 15. Whereas this restriction is removed by Shopify Plus which allows the merchants to collaborate with unlimited staff accounts.  

  1. Wholesale eCommerce  

The wholesale eCommerce can help you make money by processing high volume orders with low handling and marketing costs. Shopify Plus allows you to integrate B2B and B2C operations and have a dedicated storefront as an outlet for wholesale selling. You can offer discounts on bulk orders, personalize the checkout process and drive your business growth without the need for larger capital investments.       


The right answer to if Shopify Plus is worth it or not depends upon the size of your business, the size of your team, your budget, and your business goals. Without much knowledge about the platform, if you try to operate it, you might end up not utilizing the benefits of Shopify Plus. if you are a large business focused on business growth, you can actually save piles of money by upgrading to Shopify Plus due to fewer costs related to downtime, security issues, and other maintenance costs. If you are not confident enough about the platform, you are advised to ask for professional help to let you create remarkable customer experiences through Shopify Plus.  


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