Tips for building a great design on BigCommerce

With the growing number of eCommerce stores, the number of eCommerce platforms has also grown exponentially. Out of them, BigCommerce stands out in the competition due to its exceptional features, and accommodation of every minute functionality to boost your conversions. Bigcommerce web design can provide a competitive and marketing edge to your business. 

As you want to build your eCommerce website, you may wonder about the role of web design. A website’s design allows the audience to perceive your brand. The web design creates the first impression of your website. To retain the attention of the audience or let them leave your website depends upon the type of impression you create with your website. Your web design is the digital face of your business.  Visitors can instantly sense the feel of your website by looking at it. Whether it is modern, aesthetic, inviting, clumsy, or difficult to navigate, everything can be judged in seconds by looking at the design of your website. With a good web design, your brand consistency is improved and helps you build trust among your audience. Look into the statistics below to know how a web design can impact your business:

  • As per the web design statistics 2022, 94% of first impressions are design-related.
  • Visitors create their opinion on a website in 50 milliseconds. 
  • An excellent UX design can boost website conversion rates up to 400%.
  • For 48% of the users, web design is the main criteria factor to determine the credibility of the business.

When first-time visitors can easily navigate through your site, find their products quickly, and are able to process the checkout with ease, they are likely to convert into your customers. Similarly, when your existing customers receive personalized recommendations with smooth checkout and additional rewards, they are sure to stay with your brand for a longer time.   

Here are the most popular BigCommerce design tips to create results-driven websites :

  1. Your design should be simple and clear

Having an online store itself doesn’t get you leads. It is the design layout and content that communicates with the audience. The products should be rightly organized for better visibility, customers should be able to easily skim through the products without confusion. Don’t overstuff your HomePage with products. Instead, opt for larger images with fewer products for clear visibility and better appearance. Include the product descriptions, offers, and sales badges on the products. Keep the Homepage clear and tidy with a grid layout.      

  1. Responsive Design 
Responsive Design 

For an eCommerce website, there is no guarantee that you get leads solely from desktops or mobile devices. You should never miss a single opportunity that can generate sales. Make your design adapt to the orientation of screens on all digital devices. With responsive design, you can target desktop, tab, and mobile users. Fortunately, all the Bigcommerce web design themes are highly responsive and let customers interact well with your products on all devices.          

  1. Add high-quality images and videos

Unlike a physical store, online shoppers cannot touch or feel the real product. Online retailers have to persuade the customers to make purchase decisions only by looking at the product images or videos and product descriptions. Make sure that the product images are of high quality and take the photos of the product from different angles so that the product can be viewed from different views and get a real look at the product. As per the survey, it was found that 88% of the users spend more time on sites having videos. Ensure that your product images match your brand story and help you generate sales.  Videos give an excellent opportunity to show your products in action. Take full advantage of BigCommerce Web Design themes that allow you to add high-quality images, videos, and animations to beautifully demonstrate the functionality of your product.       

  1. Search Bar

When your eCommerce website has several product pages, the search bar function lets you find products quickly instead of clicking here and there. Some customers visit your website knowing what they want. If they couldn’t find the products quickly, they might leave your website disappointed. Also, when you integrate your search function into the analytics tool, it provides a report on what products are most searched, what are the latest launches, what products are most in-demand, etc.   

  1. Add Customer Reviews

Over 61% of customers are likely to buy products based on product reviews and recommendations from other customers. Product reviews talk about the experience your product has created for the customers. Publish customer reviews and product testimonials on your website to build credibility and trust in your brand. Over time, these reviews help you build closer relationships with your customers and drive sales for your business.    

  1. Easy to use the navigation

Through the main menu, customers are able to navigate from one page to the other. Thus, it is important to make the navigation a smooth process to retain the customer’s interest in your website. Instead of making it complex, use a simple drag and drop menu and include various pages in the menu. Avoid adding too many links to the main menu. If you feel that your web design theme on Bigcommerce needs improvement, there are easy-to-use navigation apps available on the BigCommerce App store which can be integrated into your store.   

  1. Allow customers to filter the products 
 filter the products 

Allowing filters to your products is the ultimate time-saving tool to enhance the customers’ shopping experience. By filtering products based on the available colors, sizes, brands, and other specifications, customers can easily find their desired products and eliminate the frustration of categorizing each product based on different specifications. Most of the BigCommerce themes allow filtering on the products. All you have to do is to apply filters of your choice and choose the best fit product for you.          

  1. Personalize user interface 

Helping your customers in finding what they want can let you create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. Find your target audience and personalize your website as per their demands. The personalized user interface and smooth checkout process are what make them happy and compel them to revisit your site again. BigCommerce Web Design allows the highest level of personalization with advanced features among the other eCommerce platforms. 

  1. Test your design 
Test your design 

Testing is a crucial phase for understanding what is working for your website. After modifying any functionality or improving the design, perform A/B testing. It tells you what works best for your website and you can make changes accordingly. By continuously testing and improving your site, you get better search engine rankings, generate organic traffic and drive more sales.       

Use these BigCommerce design tips to build a great website and provide exceptional user experiences. If you need any assistance in utilizing BigCommerce to the maximum potential, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our team contains certified BigCommerce experts to solve your issues and guide you throughout the project.      


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